Why Software Service Cloud Platforms Will Change the Software Market Permanently

The market for software, while quite extensive, has always faced a number of challenges that have prevented it from achieving its true potential. Good software is expensive to design and develop. These costs usually end up being passed on to the consumer. The problem is that not everyone in the consumer market is able to afford these services. This creates a challenge in that some of the users end up stealing the software by downloading pirated copies of the software. That is until cloud platforms enabled software developers to deliver software applications over the cloud.The software developer is able to create any software that the market needs and deliver it via the internet. This not only eliminates the need for actual installation of the software on the computing device that the consumer uses, it also increases the number of people with access. People who were previously unable to access certain software due to the high cost of acquisition can now subscribe to cheaper cloud platforms that deliver the same functionality. This has increased the market penetration of the software developed by companies who use the cloud. They are able to grant anyone with a stable internet connection access to their software products. As expected, the market has responded quite favorably to this new method of service delivery.Software-as-a-service applications come in a diverse range of types. You can get any software type delivered via the cloud from document creation to accounting tools. This has enabled a large portion of the market to subscribe to software services as they need them. As a matter of fact, these platforms have a number of advantages that are denied to normal services.• First, you get a wider range of software services available to you. This is because you can have any software application that you need delivered from any service provider you choose.• Second, you have greater convenience in accessing such services. You can get software services from anywhere you have access to the internet. You can create an account with the software service provider. This will allow you to access your usual software tools from anywhere with greater ease.• Third, software-as-a-service platforms eliminate the issue of software piracy. This is not just a benefit to the software developers. It helps the market in that since developers will no longer need to take into account the likelihood of piracy when pricing their software, prices will come down substantially.

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